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Project Highlight: Overflow Youth Event

Overflow Youth Conference is a huge event hosting over 3000 teenagers at Memorial Arena in Waterloo, Ontario.  We partnered with the Western Ontario District, developing the 2019 event Brand ID along with all support materials.  It was a massive project that took months of planning and an entire team effort.

Here’s a brief glimpse…





Promo Videos

We put together several promo videos, including 4 session videos for each breakout session.  We worked with the client to come up with the concept; a dancer visually illustrating the various session ‘step’ messages in an artistic way, combined with filters and brand graphic overlays.  Each video was designed to warm up the audience at the beginning of the session.


Live Event Video

One of the key event production items is the event recap video.  We were on-site filming and then cutting together this core piece for presentation at the end of the weekend event finale.