& Animation

LDM Video

Our video production team will help shape your story for your audience and frame it with the right supporting graphics, effects, narration, and soundtrack. Our video services include: production planning and storyboarding, on-set or in-studio filming, video direction, animation, 3D rendering and full post production.


Demo Reel

A new reel is always exciting for our team. It’s a time to compile work from the previous year and look back at what’s been done and learned. Without a doubt we have continued to expand on both our capability and the complexity of our projects. Sit back and enjoy the show!

Live Action

We continue to invest in video production because we understand how fundamental its role is in communicating your message. This means we have the cameras, lights, rigs and ability to handle each stage of your video project, whether it's a live event feature, corporate promo, product highlight or internal sales resource.


It wasn’t that long ago that you had to hire a plane or helicopter if you wanted an amazing aerial shot. And sure, anyone with a drone can capture video nowadays, but our licensed pilots have the experience and vision to take your video to the next level, and produce a truly quality piece of work.

Animation + Motion Graphics

Animation and motion graphics can be used to enhance live action videos, or developed as stand-alone pieces. We can animate your logo for your website, create video bumpers, or bring a product or process to life for your customers. They can be simple, complex, or downright mind-blowing, your choice.

3D Design + Animation

3D design and animation add yet another dimension to our video production services. Similar to motion graphics they allow you to bring your message to new heights of detail and interest. We can model a product or process, and then manipulate it with complete control, something that would be almost impossible with live video. Plus they’re really cool.

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