& Editing

Fun fact: LDM began as a photo(graphy) studio in 2003 and, surviving the peak of the instagram frenzy, continues to capture creative and engaging images for a broad range of clients and projects.



A great portrait can often be that oh so important first impression. Head shots, corporate group photos, fashion, band... we’ll have you looking your best.


We’ve had the tasty task of shooting a copious amount of food items for the restaurants we serve. We won’t try and hide it, we’ve sampled along the way. Because who isn’t a fan of good food?


Bringing an object to life is a challenge we’ll accept every time. Product photography is one of our first passions, and we’re always ready to shoot, at our studio or onsite.


Have gear will travel. Shooting on location is sometimes the only option, or what makes the most sense. Eric has also traveled abroad extensively and will jump at the opportunity to shoot in an unfamiliar location.

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